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Classfeed gives you the opportunity to make your notes available to everyone in your course. Every time your notes are purchased we pay you.

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Classfeed gives you access to a wide range of notes available for your courses. By offering on-demand notes we allow you to purchase only the notes you need. With 10% previews, reviews and ratings for every note, you will be able to make the best decision when it comes to studying for your next midterm or final.

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About Classfeed

Classfeed is an educational information exchange platform that connects students through feeds, chats, and course reviews. Our used textbook exchange lets you easily sell those textbooks that have been collecting dust on your shelves. We encourage you to keep taking great notes, and make money while doing it!


Classchat is our integrated messenger feature that easily connects you to your classmates. Simply enroll in your courses when you sign up, and start chatting today. Classchat is available on, IOS and Google Play.

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