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Overview Classfeed is looking for users of our platform to serve as bloggers. Bloggers will be paid $5 for every 500 views they receive on their live blog posts on the Classfeed platform. This involves writing blogs that are intriguing and sharing them amongst friends. Bloggers are responsible for writing blogs as outlined by Classfeed by dates given by Classfeed. Bloggers will also receive the ability to write topics that interest them as long as they are approved by Classfeed.


What We Offer

Classfeed is a young and very fast-growing startup. This means that you will see visible results of your work and everything you do will make a difference to the entire company.

Classfeed will work with you to ensure that your posts are seen by a larger audience allowing your words to reach many students around Ontario.

Classfeed has a fantastic team and you will actively shape the culture of our company. You will influence why, how and with whom we do business. There are great career opportunities as we continue to grow if you prove that you are up to the task.

How to Apply Contact:

Select “Apply Now” and submit a resume along with a potential blog example

Blogger Terms

  1. Bloggers will be paid every second Monday via the PayPal account connected to their Classfeed account
  2. Bloggers will be paid $5 for every 500 views they receive on their blog
  3. Blogger contracts can be terminated by Classfeed at any point with a days’ notice.
  4. You the blogger shall post comments/blogs that reflect favourably at all times on the Classfeed services and the good name, goodwill and reputation of Classfeed and its principals.
  5. You the blogger shall avoid deceptive, misleading or unethical posts or practices that are or might be detrimental or disparaging to Classfeed or its business.

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